Fridays 5 with Kathryn Brettell

 Kathi’s short story Solitaire, was published in The McGuffin magazine in 2006. Her short stories Hot Lips and Runners were both accepted for on-line publications in 2005 and 2009 respectively.  Kathi writes a monthly email letter, currently in distribution in over four countries.  One of those letters, Naked Guy, was published in the Colorado newspaper, The Mountain Connection, in 2013. 

She recently completed a 60,000-word memoir, The Olive Picker, which is now published and available for purchase on and other venues.

Kathi lives in both Gurgaon, India, and Conifer, Colorado, where she retired and is pursuing her lifelong love of writing.

1.) When did you first get serious about writing?
A.) I started writing short stories about 20 years ago, when I joined two online writing groups.   At the time, I wrote only short stories and flash fiction because that was all I had time for.   I was working one full time job and a part-time one as well.  I moved to India two and a half years ago, and retired, so I took advantage of my newly found free time by writing the book, THE OLIVE PICKER.

2.) What is the hardest part for you about writing?
A.) Editing!  Holy cow, I  did multiple edits on my own, got at least 20 beta readers, then hired a professional editor, and STILL found the odd missing quotation mark.  I read my own story so many times it almost makes me gag to read it again.

3.) How did you feel upon publication of your first completed project?
A.) When I held that first copy in my hands…oh man, I felt, validated.  Really validated.

4.) What is more important to you, story, or character? Why?
A.) Well, you really can’t have one without the other, can you.  Story is everything, but if you have an unlikable character, what’s the point?  And the reverse is true. 

5.) What is a typical day like in your world?
A.)  It’s hot most of the year in India, so my days consist of staying inside under the AC.  I write most days, either my blog, or working on a new novel.  When I do get out I meet up with other expats for coffee or lunch, and we shop.  Tough day, right?

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