HHAC Day 14: Dave Lund

Dave Lund lives in central Texas and is a former Texas "motor-cop," having worked for nearly a decade in full time law enforcement as a Texas Peace Officer. Prior to being a Peace Officer, Dave was a full time skydiving instructor and actively competed in Canopy Piloting (aka swooping), completing over 3,000 skydives, which included six reserve rides after the main parachute malfunctioned, one reserve malfunction and one plane crash. Retired from active law enforcement, Dave now focuses on writing as well as working as a professional photographer. Dave is no longer an active skydiver. His current hobbies include competing in powerlifting, camping, motorcycles, and his beloved custom 1973 VW Superbeetle that he built.

The characters in the Winchester Undead series are a complete work of fiction, although some of them are personality composites of people whom Dave knows in the real world, but no characters are based solely on a single individual. They are a complete work of fiction and do not represent any actual people, living or dead. Yes, that includes Bexar!

The Winchester Undead blog houses all things WU, including behind the scenes insight, photos of the locations use, descriptions and videos of some of the prepper techniques and skills as well as tactical skills and demonstrations, www.winchesterundead.com . To see the best of special content, including excerpts from upcoming Winchester Undead titles; sign up for the VIP Winchester Undead Newsletter while visiting the Winchester Undead website

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The nuclear missiles killed millions.

The chemtrails brought them back to life.

When the end came, it was swift and brutal. The EMP from atmospheric detonations occurred just before Christmas. Chinese bombs spreading poison on major metropolitan centers follow, only hours later.

Then the dead began to walk… and to kill with terrifying speed.

The government, from the President to the foot soldier, fell in three days. Nine out of ten – maybe more – were dead before Valentine’s Day. Only a hardy few, those who were prepared for the worst, lived long enough to see what happened next.

Winchester: Over tells the stories of the many who fell and the handful who survived. It follows former motor-cop Bexar Reed and his family, along with their lifelong friends and fellow preppers, as they fight their way to relative safety in rural Texas… and the story of a highly trained government agent who has to fight his own way out of an infected airport, to the last barely functioning military installation, hidden beneath the ground at Area 51.

They are stories of courage and combat, guns and battle tech, the secret history of humanity, ancient artifacts and the Nazi occult, and always, always, the ravenous walking dead, as the last brave humans teeter on the edge of extinction.

The “reanimates” relentless destruction of civilization is only the beginning. The bestial remnants of humanity are only one shuffling step behind.

"If you shook this book, gunpowder and testosterone would fall out."
-Chris Philbrook, Author of Adrian's Undead Diary

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Blood Lily by Jenny Allen
The Misadventures of Bob by Jaime Johnesee
A Jar of Fingers by C.L. Hernendez
A Coin for Charon by Dallas Mullican
The Human Condition by Mark Taylor
Spook Lights by Eden Royce
In the Hands of the Unknown A.E. Hellstrom
Winchester Over by Dave Lund
The Complex by J Rudolph
The Dead Song Legend by Jay Wilburn
Zombie and Chainsaws by Mike Evans
Flight of Destiny by Francis H Powell
Through a Mirror Darkly by Kevin Lucia
Awfully Apetizing by Leod D Fritz
Darkly Wood by Max Power
Family Reunion by P. Mark DeBryan
Cannibal House 1 by Shaun Adams

There is more to come and the list will be updated as books are added.

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  1. This is such a great time of year. Love what you have going on and if you shoot me an email, I will add to your prize locker even though I am not part of the event. You have always been so supportive, and I would love to repay the favor.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Todd, I've sent an email your way. Thanks for your generous offer.