New Release: Into the Light by P. Wish

P. Wish is an author and blogger. She graduated with an honours degree in Law from the University of Manchester, UK.

She wrote her first ‘official’ novel at seven and since then, she hasn’t looked back. She spends most of her time writing, designing for her blog and making book trailers. When she’s not writing, she likes to paint, dance, meditate, research, watch movies and nourish her sweet tooth. She loves to read about a wide variety of topics like business, psychology, marketing, singing and self help.

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Into the Light is a versatile collection of nine short stories. The book is divided into three segments: science fiction, human interest and comedy. These enigmatic tales examine the relationship between technology, society and humanity. 
From a website that can undo your mistakes to a mysterious survivor of a mental illness, the science fiction segment offers a meeting ground between imagination and humanity.
The human interest stories re-discover basic human emotions through the eyes of complex characters such as an ageing journalist who befriends a ghost, a woman who discovers the joy of giving and two ex lovers who meet after ten years.
The comedy section offers a comedic perspective of society through the stories of a young heir desperate to lose his fortune, a couple on the verge of divorce and a time travelling detective.  
Into the Light is a delicious buffet of stories with a twist.

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