New Discovery: SCHIZOMEGA

From the pen of David Aslin comes Schizomega: Zombies made in the USA.

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There's something very wrong occurring on a tiny island located off the coastline of Louisiana. An Island whose only building, an ages old fortress ... which was converted years ago into a prison hospital for the criminally insane. Paranormal Investigator Ian McDermott has come to New Orleans to investigate Haitian Voodoo and Zombiism. Unwittingly he teams up with a mysterious man known only as, Mr. E. Together their investigations lead them to the island of the insane, where they come face to face with an evil that if they cannot dispatch ... could unleash the SCHIZOMEGA effect ... spelling doom for us all.

About the Author:

David Reuben Aslin is the author of the Ian McDermott Paranormal Investigator series: Loup-garou - The Beast of Harmony Falls (Book I); Red Tide - Vampires of the Morgue (Book II); SCHIZOMEGA - Fresh Meat (Book III). David has also written The Evilution - Rise of the Antichrist (Dark Tomes - Book I)

In addition to being a writer of literary fiction, concentrating on the genres of Horror and Suspense/Thriller, David is an entrepreneur. He is the co-inventor/co-patent holder of the popular beverage dispenser The BrewTender.

David and his wife Denise have five children, all boys. He and his wife reside in Southwest Washington State.

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