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Synopsis: Abigail had a secret.
I knew it soon after meeting her.
She was different than other girls, and not just because she actually showed some interest in me. She was really different. I loved it. I loved her.
But Abigail had a secret.
Damian told me so, the first time I met him. I wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not. He wasn’t trustworthy. He wasn’t nice. He was a terrifying figure, the embodiment of fear. But he was right.
She had a secret.
I’m sorry I keep repeating it. It’s still hard to believe. How could somebody so gentle, nice, and loving be so… scary?
That’s the only word I knew to describe her after it all ended. Everything about her being was scary.
Abigail was my life, I told myself. She was my everything.
She left me with nothing.
If she was my life, does that make this suicide?

My Abigail is a psychological thriller novella. The concept is about two high-schoolers who both are misfits in their own towns and find solace in each other. The boy and main character, Caleb, starts to notice odd things about her. His other friend, Xavier, displays similar, peculiar traits and before long he learns about their history and what connects them. A little girl his mom babysits, Ayva, is kidnapped by a shadowy figure he sees every once in a while on the streets. Before long, he has to make the ultimate choice that will affect everyone around him. No matter what he does, people will be hurt. No matter what happens, he will be hurt. But who will he choose, and who will he lose?

Author bio:
Hi. My name is David Kummer. I'm an author that's only in high school and so I'm still learning and growing (I'm not Caillou, so sorry if that sounded like it. If I was Caillou, I'd tell you for sure.) and figuring out how to become a better author.

I live in Madison, Indiana, which is a small town on the Ohio River. There's lots of history and creepy places, which probably have influenced my writings. In my book SHE, most of the places and buildings are based off similar settings here in my home town, although I've changed them so that you wouldn't know really if I didn't tell you.

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I would love to get to know you better, so email me at or check out my blog at If you review/rate my book on Amazon, I'll send you a free short story that you can't get anywhere else. I have a unique short story for each work I publish, so I promise you won't get any repeats.

For real, I love getting to know people and talking books, sports, politics, favorite foods (mmmm) or whatever your area of interest is.

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