Monday Motivational: 5 Steps to Being a Happy Writer

1.) Take the long view!: Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint.I know from experience that this is a lot easier said than done. 

2.) Don't compare yourself to others!: Not everyone can be (insert your favorite writer here!) Just imagine how boring the world would be if they were.

3.) Live your life!: Yes, I know, writing is a way of life, but a happy writer is a productive writer, so get out there and live, don't let yourself become a prisoner of the keyboard. This was one of the hardest things for me, when I first started out I was always afraid that if I wasn't writing, I wasn't doing it right. Set aside a set amount of time each day for writing and follow it. And don't forget, writing just one thousand words a day will give you a novel in three months. Writing five hundred words a day will create a novel in six months. How long does it take you to write 500 words?

4.) Don't be afraid to fail!: Get out there and just do it, don't let the fear of failure slow you down. Remember, all criticism is just another individuals opinion. and we all know how common opinions are. Just remember to look at each piece of criticism with an objective eye. You can then choose to follow it or not.

5.) Always remember, there is no right way!: What works for one writer may not work for another. We all have our own unique way of approaching the work. Our own unique voice, even when we're starting out by emulating others, there is still a small spark of who we are in the words we write.

I'm a nobody from nowhere, one of these days total strangers may know my name, but for the time being I embrace my anonymity. I've been writing on and off for fifteen years now (has it really been that long?) so I've picked up a couple of things along the way. Hopefully I can impart some of what I've learned.

How about you? 

What piece of advice would you share with other writers?


  1. All great points! Especially number 2. Comparing myself to others never did anything but make me sad.

    1. It always had the same effect on me. I hope things are gong well for you.