Monday Motivational: Cheerleader?

Do you have cheerleaders?

Is there someone in your life, a significant other, a friend, a lover who understands what it is you do?

Who encourages you just by their presence to sit down at the keyboard every day and open that vein?

Someone whose shoulder you can lean on when the rejections pile up, or the sales go flat. When it seems nothing is going right, and the words refuse to flow, that special someone is at your side supporting you through it all.

Sure writing is a solitary endeavor, we writers live most of our lives alone in a mind populated by all sorts of characters, good, bad, and indifferent. Even when we're with the one we love we can at times wander off into a story idea that suddenly pops into our mind. Yet we still need that human contact, someone who helps to keep our feet planted firmly upon the ground, while our minds soar to the clouds.

My cheerleader is my wife. We've been together for over twenty five years. She is my anchor in a often times volatile world. She keeps my feet planted firmly on the ground while my mind wanders among the clouds.

We should surround ourselves with those who believe in us. You can go it alone, but it always helps to have that one special person who supports us no matter what.

Who is your cheerleader?

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