The Reaping: Excerpt #2

Coming June 24, 2016
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Man is no longer alone at the top of the food chain.

From the East a new threat to a struggling civilization emerges, spreading across the land like a cancerous stain, leaving in its wake the shattered remnants of a species teetering on the brink of extinction.

In Bryn Mawr Window is bitten by a Vampire and becomes infected. He struggles against the rising blood lust, viewing each of his friends as a potential meal. They set out to the East in search of a cure.

Along the way they learn more about the nature of the world they inhabit, their own past, and the part they each play in a potential future. They cross paths with a shadowy figure who leaves small tokens from each of their own history. Little objects that carry powerful emotions linked to a major change in their past lives.

Arriving in Washington D.C they are confronted by the vampire master who reveals the cold truth about the cosmos. 


“Yes mamma,” Lenny said before running off to retrieve the body. The old woman watched him go, her hand on the handle of her knife as she turned her attention back on her captives. Billie-Bob stirred, groaning as he groggily sat up and rubbed the back of his head.

“Where am I?” Billie-Bob said.

“Don’t you worry none about that,” the old woman said as she stepped closer to the bars.

“Who are you? Why am I in this cage? What’s going on?” Billie-Bob said, pushing himself up to his knees and wrapping his hands around the rusted bars.

“You’ll find out soon enough, and if you’re good, maybe we’ll let you live.”

Billie-Bob sat back, still groggy, his confusion mounting as he looked to each of the captives who refused to meet his gaze, keeping their eyes downcast as Lenny returned with Caleb’s body draped over his shoulder. The old woman had turned away to watch as Lenny approached and Billie-Bob slipped a pistol from his boot.

They had learned their lessons well in Richmond.

“Where should I put him, Mamma?”

“In the cage with the others, they can keep him company till we get home.”

Lenny opened the door and dropped Caleb’s lifeless body inside, when he looked up he was staring down the barrel of Billie-Bob’s revolver. His eyes widened as he took a step back, turning his head as he cried out for his mamma with an inarticulate grunt. Billie-Bob squeezed off a shot, the report sharp and harsh, surprising the old woman who spun around just as the back of Lenny’s head exploded, spraying her face with blood, brains, and bits of bone.

The old woman ducked to the right as Lenny dropped to the ground, racing around the cart towards the front where Billie-Bob’s rifle lay. She cried out in anguished rage as Billie-Bob climbed down from the back of the wagon and followed her. Stepping around the corner he came face to face with the old woman who held his rifle at her shoulder, her finger curled around the trigger.

“I wouldn’t do that if I was you,” Billie-Bob said as he held his hand out in a defensive manner. The end of the barrel was packed with earth from where it had obviously been jammed into the ground.

“Don’t tell me what to do boy,” she said with a sneer as her finger tightened on the trigger.  

Billie-Bob ducked and covered his head as the sound of the barrel exploding was followed by a high pitched whine of agony. The old woman lay on the ground on her back, squirming in agony with her hands pressed over her face. Dark red blood gushed from between her fingers as her feet scrabbled at the ground, causing the hem of her skirt to ride up her fat, and hairy legs.

Billie-Bob left her as he returned to the back of the cart where the two women and children waited. Helping them out one of the women turned to him and said. “Aren’t you going to do anything for her?”

“What did she do for you?” Billie-Bob replied, holding the woman’s stare for a moment before turning from the cart and the screaming woman.

End Excerpt

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