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She had a look that immediately put anyone she met at ease. Small of stature, with grandmotherly eyes, by the time her victims discovered the evil lurking behind that innocent facade, it was too late.

Diagnosed at an early age with Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is more commonly known as a split personality, Margaret could honestly say she had never been alone a single day of her life. Like two peas in a pod she shared her physical self with the other half of her divided psyche, a separate personality known as Candice.

Together they served as an example of the divided psyche of man, with Candice representing that dark half, the one who has the guts to do what we can only wish we could. They are the two faces of the same coin, the Ying and the Yang, the good and the bad all rolled into one. Where Margaret was the picture of innocence, Candice carried the face of unmitigated evil, and everywhere they go she leaves a bloody trail of death and despair in her wake.

Though it was Margaret who physically killed the handyman who raped her when she was just seventeen, her alter ego was responsible for the act. Now, twenty five years after that day, she is longer considered a threat. Transferred to a minimum security facility  her new doctor changes the medication that has kept her dark half suppressed, unleashing Candice upon an unsuspecting world.

In a desperate bid to reclaim her life Margaret, driven by Candice, escapes with one simple plan. Return home, take the place of her twin sister, and live out the rest of her life in relative peace. But even the best laid plans had their flaws, at home the vengeful ghosts of the past have waited patiently for her return, and not even Candice can escape one simple truth.

The dead always got their revenge.


Roxanne, Roxie to the few remaining friends she had left, crossed the living room to the side window. She had been in the kitchen brewing a pot of coffee when she heard a car pull into the drive way. At the window she pulled back a small corner of the curtain, and peered out at the station wagon that sat in her driveway.

Now who in the hell would be coming to see her this hour of the morning? She wondered as she let the curtain drop back into place, and crossed to the front door.

With her robe held tightly about her, she cautiously moved down the front porch steps. Though she would still be considered young at sixty-seven, it was never a good idea to take a chance with a broken bone. Her friend Phyllis had gone into the hospital six months earlier with a fractured hip, and never came out. She’d attended her funeral just last month. An infection had set in, which was no wonder with all the germs that lived in any hospital where sick people were treated. The infection had become pneumonia that quickly filled poor Phyllis’ lungs with fluid. From there it had been a quick skip and a hop to the grave.

No, she would take it easy, and keep herself out of the hospital as long as she could.

Halfway down the sidewalk to the car, she spotted movement in the driver’s seat, and stopped. Suddenly she was filled with the dread certainty that if she got any closer she’d be joining poor Phyllis a lot sooner than she had planned. In the still morning a bird called out from her left, and Roxie nearly jumped. The motor of the car ticked steadily as it cooled with the measured clicks of a clock counting down the seconds.

My last seconds, she thought with a shudder.   

Get hold of yourself girl, it’s just a car.

The driver’s door popped open, and Roxie took a step back. Margaret emerged from inside, and Roxie felt a moment of relief that evaporated when Margaret looked her in the eye.

There’s something wrong with that woman, she thought as Margaret’s gaze filled her with terror. It was no one thing she could put her finger on, no distinctive trait that stuck out, just an overwhelming sensation that there was something terribly wrong here. And she realized too, not for the first time, just how isolated she was at the end of the lane. 

End Excerpt

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