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Savio is a resident of Mumbai, India, who grew up on everything sci-fi. Science Fiction has its own charm of unravelling mysteries, boldly going where no man has gone before [yeah I know it is from Star-trek :)] and to seek and find explanations for the unexplained. This is more or less what excites a true sci-fi enthusiast.

Savio is one of the enthusiasts too and he is presenting his own version here. Mystery surrounds us in many ways and it is mammoth in proportion to what we know. No one knows what lies beneath the ocean; no one knows what lies beyond our solar system; no one knows how vast the universe is; no one knows if any other extra-terrestrial form exists, but still the pursuit of knowing the unknown will continue unabated and will continue to excite us. This excitement is what Savio attempts to bring out in his books.

Savio is blessed with a supportive family and has a day job in India. Writing is his passion and he also writes for many blogging sites. When not writing and not working, which, of course, happens a lot of time, Savio likes to while-away and watch sci-fi movies.

1.) When did you first get serious about writing?

A.) Actually, it was quite an interesting episode. I was working with a telecom company where there was an offsite program planned for the senior leadership team, and as part of the offsite program, a logical reasoning game had to be designed. I was part of the planning team and one of the members suggested that I should come up with two stories to make the game work. I gave it a shot and it ended up being quite a hit. That was the first realization that I could write a story. Thereafter, I started with blogs for three years and understood the nitty-gritty of online writing and that was followed by my novel. So, the novel came by a lot later from the time I really started writing and now I believe this a passion which will continue for a lifetime.

2.) What is the hardest part for you about writing?

A.) The hardest part about writing is to stay committed to writing. It is quite easy to put away writing to another day when there are things happening around us. The problem is when I have such breaks it usually extends beyond one day. I find more and more reasons to stay away or continue to delay further. Getting back is then a herculean task. You have to get yourself back in the groove, re-read the plot, understand the flow and then write. This is much like warming up before starting the book. Precious time is lost in such “getting back” to writing episodes. So, I usually try to avoid them. The mantra I follow is to write at least 100 words a day, even if they are too little for a novel length book. That way I make this a habit and stay in touch with the characters.

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A chance discovery leads to unearthing a plot against humankind; a plot to steal the very fabric of human creation.

Mark is in the middle of a spate of abductions by two different sets of extra-terrestrials. Around the same time, the U.S military unwittingly discovers few alien vessels in Earth’s atmosphere while testing a new technology called GAM. The knowledge of the alien vessels around the periphery of Earth drives a team comprising of Mark, an agency called XTRA-T and the security agencies to unearth the intentions of those aliens.

In the pursuit of truth, some bone-chilling revelation of Earth’s history comes to the fore. Unexplained events like Tunguska Explosion and many others are answered but nothing compares to the one that is in store for Earth. Mark and team have to find a way out and in many ways invoke the assistance of unexplained powers to redeem them at the time of need.
3.) How did you feel upon publication of your first completed project?

A.) The most important victories in life often have very few words or at times no words to describe them. My book falls in that category. Joy was obvious, feeling of accomplishment was obvious, proud of having created something was obvious, but then there were many more mixed feelings; all the good ones, that is. So even today I would find it quite difficult to speak about. That said, my wife was always around during this journey. She was the only one who knew about my writing side. All my family members and then friends came to know about the book only after it was released. My dad was shocked to know that I could even write a book.

4.) What is more important to you, story, or character? Why?

A.) These two are usually related. The best way to visualize the link between a story and character is through movies. You decide the genre and think of a movie you like the most. Chances are you like the story and the character. My favourite is Terminator – 2 (Judgement Day). I like the movie because of the story - of how the world was saved from the Terminators - and the fact that a Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) saved the day for the humans. Now, which one of the two do I like the most? Hard to tell. Of course, there are permutations and combinations of some stories being really good and would do well despite the characters and the other way round too (very rarely). But the best of the best will have a strong story and one or more strong characters. To answer your question, both matter to me and I give them equal importance.

5.) What is a typical day like in your world?

A.)  Well, I am yet to become a full-time author. I still have a day job, then my time with my family and then the writing. Now you probably can relate why I see my commitment to writing as the biggest challenge. Chances are that I am quite busy with work and, therefore, postpone writing. Here my wife plays a crucial part, and she kind of takes care of things at home, leaving me enough time to write. Let’s not forget that she herself is working too. My Dad was always there and helped in ways he wouldn’t have known. I did mention that he did not even know about my book until it was released.

Mostly, I prefer writing in the morning before getting on with things or a bit late in the night. During weekends, I can give more time to write my book. So, that’s in a nutshell about my day.

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