HHAC 2016: E. Dulaney Burns

E. Dulaney Burns currently has a day job as a Paralegal for a multi-national technology company, specializing in the prosecution of trademarks, patents and corporate law.

By night, she dabbles in the realm of horror fiction. The fiction she writes is edgy, dark and comes with a warning label.

She attributes her writing ability to real-life experiences and her work as a catalog copy writer for an international toy company prior to studying law and psychology.

She enjoys cooking and baking and writes a blog when she's not too busy.

She also enjoys spoon collecting which she has been doing since she was six years old.

She lives with her family in Orange County, California and enjoys spending time with her husband, children and grandchildren. She enjoys her two pet turtles, and her fur babies, Princess and Patches.

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They say the place is haunted. The old man was driven mad, but nobody would say why. For years the house and the property that it sat on was devoid of life and sentenced to eternal winter. Jon was warned not to stay. But he’d lost everything and has no choice now, he must go back. But what was he going back to?

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