HHAC 2016 Kevin Mooseles

Kevin Mooseles grew up in South Florida, where he wrote reams of cringeworthy gothic poetry that will never see the light of day. He began writing for the Escapist Magazine in 2014 with an article explaining how Fight Club is based on the Downward Spiral by NIN. The Resistance is Dead is his first work of fiction, combining zombie survival with mystery and a dash of gonzo for good measure. 

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The Resistance is Dead is a unique take on the classic zombie tale. The story takes readers from the first bite straight into the apocalypse and is told from two, alternating perspectives. The first, that of President Adam Chambers, a president beloved by all who genuinely tries to always put the needs of the people first and his plight to manage what his cabinet promised him was a passing illness. The second, that of a group of hard core zombie preppers. They've played every video game. They've watched every movie. They've read every book, but how will they fare when they attempt to apply all they've learned to a real-life zombocalypse?

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  1. Hey Richard, I happened to google my name and found this page. Did you read my book, and more importantly did you like it? Book 2 begins to roll out with chapter 1 on election day. 2 chapters a month will get published to start (for the record). If you've read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts!