Coming Soon: Legion of the Damned

After weeks of tweaking and adjusting I've finally reached the end of the project to create the cover for book three of the Deadland Chronicles.

Permit me to introduce you to
Legion of the Damned: 
Coming of age in a post apocalyptic world.

Coming soon to an e-book retailer near you.

No firm date on release has been set as of yet but I'll keep everyone posted. It was fun figuring out how to do this one. I had to stage the bear on a small stage I built in my workshop. Here's one of the raw shots. 

Once I worked this out it was simply a matter of working out the rest of the details using royalty free images. The two eyes in the background occurred naturally and I just had to tweak one of them using the liquify filter in photoshop.

So what do yo think of this cover? Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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