Monday Motivational: Bouncing Back

In September I took a one week vacation from my day job. I had plans to finish a number of things around the house, start the body work on my truck, finish one novel, and start another. Right! Ever hear the expression best laid plans of mice and men?

That was me, with nine days in a row off I didn't a accomplish a single thing. Never touched my truck, nor did I get to the things I wanted to do around the house. Didn't finish the novel until mid October, and was not able to start the next one until this month.

To say I hit a wall would be an understatement.

I've struggled with depression in the past, I've taken several different medications but never liked the way they made me feel. I've learned how to keep the darkness at bay. But in September it knocked the crap out of me. I still functioned, I got up each morning, went through my day like always, but the desire just wasn't there. I didn't care if I finished the next book or not. I didn't care if I finished the story I was working on here.

Through September and the biggest part of October, I didn't do much of anything. But I'm back now. I'll never be better than ever, but I'm back for the foreseeable future, ready to get this story done so we can move onto the next one, and so on.

I just hope you're still willing to tag along.



  1. I always have a open ear if you need to vent. ��

    1. Thanks Sherry, I'm always worried I bore people with the mundane.