This Week in Horror 11/29/2017

The Big Book of Bootleg Horror Vol 3 - Various Authors

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The third - and incredibly special volume in HellBound Books’ flagship horror anthology - this one bursting at the seams with even more fantastically dark horror from the cream of today’s horror scene, each one of whom was specially invited to contribute and support the fantastic Hilarity for Charity and its fight againt Alzheimer’s - proceeds from this mighty tome will be donated accordingly...

Featuring: Jack Ketchum, Michael Bray, Jeff Strand,
Chad Lutzke, Eddie Generous, Lance Tuck, Wade H. Garrett, Richard Chizmar and Billy Chizmar, James H Longmore, Jaap Boekestein, Iain Rob Wright, Michael McBride,
Edward Lee, David Owain Hughes, Ray Garton &
Benjamin Blake

Twenty-two tales of disturbing terror and nefarious imagination - the perfect antidote to a peaceful night’s sleep!

The Aching Darkness A Dark Fantasy Anthology - Various Authors

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Sensuality, Madness, Tortured Souls, & Dangerous Beings

These pages contain thrilling short stories for the dark fantasy lover. Fight grotesque, body and soul consuming creatures, hacking off their limbs with sharp pointy weapons, as Dark Angel, Ilese, defends humanity, in A Darker Fall. Find your true power as the head witch in your ancient coven, while hiding a terrible secret costing you everyone you love in White Matron. Mind meld with killer, lover, and immortal, Joe Smith, in Lord of Blood. Travel to Sin City for a Post-apocalyptic Vampire of Vegas story stocked with vampires and zombies, in Brevity.

Depravity, Lies, Blood, Sex, & Magic

Will Set Your Pulse Pounding
Your Spine Tingling & Your Mind Reeling

Fans of As the World Dies series by Rhiannon Frater, Resident Evil, and I am Legend by Richard Matheson will enjoy sinking their fangs into Brevity by Alexia Purdy, while Lord of Blood by Robert Stock's leading vampire will appeal to fans of White Hot: A Hidden Legacy Novel. A Darker Fall by Parker Sinclair introduces a lethal dark angel assassin who hunts down monsters with an arsenal of guns, swords, and SFF gadgets in John Wick and Underworld fashion. Don't let the title "white witch" fool you, Jessica Ozment's White Matron's coming of age lead, Fey, hiding some kick-ass supernatural powers for fans of The Craft, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Magician's, and Stephen King.

Warning, stories may trigger arousal and cravings for more with pant worthy NA paranormal and supernatural romance scenes.

Faun Song - S.A. Baker

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S. A. Baker delivers a new offering in the world of

Isobel is just a simple girl living a simple life, until the call of Seonagh’s woods just outside the creepy Winterbourne cemetery.

She does not know why she is called there, but even her father, Ezra, understands the call, he
experienced it once himself.

A through the looking glass type adventure a little girl takes with twists and turns to excite even the most skeptic of adventurers.

Another out of the park adventure by S. A. Baker

Tales of a Dead End Street - Sam West

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Five houses on a dead-end street. Five very different occupants within these houses, safe and snug on the night of Halloween…

But on this night, when the walls between the living and the dead are at their thinnest, bad things can happen. Devils can walk among us.

It all starts when nine-year-old Danny’s mum opens the door to a most unique group of trick or treaters. The catastrophic chain of events that follow will devastate the people on this dead-end street.

Wish the good folks of Eastcliff Parade a happy Halloween, because for most of them, it will be their last.

The Noctuary: Pandemonium - Greg Chapman

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Psychiatrist Dr. Desmond Carter had always believed that his former patient, author Simon Ryan, was dead.

But, when a bloodstained manuscript penned by Ryan arrives at his office, Desmond begins to doubt everything he thought he had known—not just about the troubled author's past, but his own sanity. Desmond seeks the truth. Instead, he discovers the wellspring of madness.

In Pandemonium, the sequel to his acclaimed 2011 novella The Noctuary, Greg Chapman drags you deeper into the nightmarish reality of the Dark Muses—creatures forged from the very darkness in our own souls.

The words contained within will drive you mad… and damn you to Hell.

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