Some changes are afoot.

I've been busy these last few weeks on some changes that are long overdue.

I've set up a static website for me and my published work as a better means of getting the word out about my released books. It can be found here. it's still a work in progress but it's a start in the right direction.

As for my blog I've decided to keep it going for the time being, but instead of being focused entirely on me I will be opening it up to other writers in the speculative fiction field with new release announcement, interviews, and every so often I'll post a review of one of the books I've read. It was my original intent with the blog when I first started it, and somewhere along the way I got a little lost.

I will also be sharing some of my short stories in their entirety, for free,  on this site. I've been working with caliber and I've read and re-read Guido Henkel's Zen of eBook Formatting. My plan is to give away my short stories to my visitors via insta-freebie and Book Funnel, they have apps available that allow you to download the stories directly onto your favorite reading device. No more reading on a computer screen.

With the exception of my post apocalyptic coming of age series, The Dreadland Chronicles, all of my longer work will now be submitted to publishers who I feel can do a better job than I at the various little tasks that must be completed prior to a book's release. I want to keep my finger in the self publishing pie with my series.

Of course if a book fails to find a publisher in a reasonable amount of time I will reconsider my stance on a book by book basis. I feel I've grown as a writer and I'm now ready to tackle several of my ideas that I didn't feel confident enough to write when I originally thought of them. I have several ideas that have simmered on the back burner while I worked to strengthen that writer's muscle.

While I've never been very big at social media, I'm a face to face kind of guy who even hates using a phone, I'll be even less visible in those mediums moving forward. I'll post about new updates and releases, but beyond that I'll be more focused on my work. I've wasted entirely too much time on Facebook just reading my feed, I need to stop doing that.

I hope everyone is well, and I look forward to interacting with you in the near future.

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